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A number of people have taken legal action against spammers in the UK.

As many of the cases will have been in the small claims court, there is unlikely to be much in the way of official record, so this is unlikely to ever be complete.

  • Success (out of court): January 2017: Settled out of court for £200 - Steve Hill v VUR Village Hotels & Leisure
  • Success (default judgment): February 2016: £3,175 obtained through bailiffs from Ladbrokes
  • Success at Court August 2015: Judgement for £246 - Alex Threlfall vs Golden Charter Limited
  • Success (out of court): May 2015: Settled for lower amount but without gag order for £400 + £35 costs - Rex Lampier vs. My Job Matcher Ltd
  • Failed: April 2015: Court rejected claim on basis that no damage proven - notes of case
  • Success (out of court): April 2015: Settled out of court for £200 plus £25 costs - Steve Hill v De Vere Venues
  • Success (out of court): March 2015: Extensive settlements out of court, default judgements and paid upon receipt of claims.
  • Success (out of court): February 2015: settled out of court for £100 per email, plus £25 costs
  • Success (default judgment): December 2014: default judgment for £200, plus some costs
  • Success: June 2014: success at contested hearing against John Lewis
  • Failed: April 2014: case dismissed "because there were no quantifiable damages"
  • Failed: March 2014 - Case dismissed - £1000 damages. - Steve Higgins vs Next
  • Success (unknown if at hearing or not): June 2013 - Won Case - £750 - Steve Higgins vs Jean Patrique Cookware
  • Success after Hearing January 2007: Judgement for £1368.66 +interest including expenses - Gordon Dick v Transcom Internet Services Ltd.
  • Success (out of court): December 2005: Settled out of court for £270 plus £30 costs - Nigel Roberts v Media Logistics (UK) Ltd