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You are probably here because you are fed up of receiving spam, and wondering what you can do about this.

This wiki is intended to be a resource of the various legal options potentially available to you to deal with spam, including the experiences of those who have taken spam cases to court.

While it will hopefully be useful, nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. If you need legal advice on dealing with spam, consult an appropriately-qualified lawyer. Do not rely on anything you read here — it is a wiki and not an authoritative or qualified source!

Editing this wiki

Unfortunately, because of the level of spam and its impact on the server, anonymous editing has been disabled. To edit the wiki, please request an account — this requires manual approval, so it may not be instantaneous.

Accessing over https/SSL

You can access this site over https/SSL if you prefer. It is secured with a self-signed certificate, so you will need to add an exception to your browser.